2pm Indoor Service

Our 2:00pm service will be indoors, and will offer Holy Communion on this special feast day. This service will follow the precautions we take at all our other indoor services, including a capacity of 30 people, masks, social distancing, and no singing. Read about our other precautions for indoor worship HERE.

An online sign-up list for this service can be accessed HERE. We know that this service will be of particular interest to some seniors in our community who can’t drive at night. If you’re considering attending this service or another described below, we encourage you to choose the other service, in order to help us create room within our limited capacity for folks who can’t consider other options for worship.

To sign up for the Indoor, Outdoor, or Drive-in service, please click the button!

The Button

3:30pm Outdoor Service

Our 3:30 service will take place in our parking lot–bring camp chairs and blankets, and maybe a hot water bottle or two! We’ll have a few fire pits set up (please let us know if you’re willing to lend us yours for the evening!), and plenty of warm hearts to go around.

This service will include (masked) carol-singing, a Christmas message, and Holy Communion. We follow a number of precautions at our outdoor service that you can read about HERE. If you plan to come to this service, please sign up ahead of time to ensure we don’t exceed 50 people. An online sign-up list for this service can be accessed HERE.

Unlike our other outdoor services, which we cancel when it gets below 40 degrees, this one is ON no matter how bleak the midwinter! (Rain and snow will get us to cancel, though…keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates if there’s a chance of inclement weather.)

5:00pm Drive-Up Worship

Our 5:00pm Drive-Up service will be conducted via AM transmitter in our parking lot at 183 W. Main St.! As you arrive, an usher will greet you and assemble a bag for you and your car-companions with communion kits, electric tealights, and kid-friendly materials. From there you can pull in, find yourself a spot, and tune your dial to our AM frequency to enjoy some live Christmas music before worship. We recommend arriving early (but please, no sooner than 4:30) to get situated.

The story of the Christ-child’s coming will be told in a style reminiscent of an old-time radio broadcast, with monologues from Mary interspersing the scriptural story and the carols you’ll be invited to sing with gusto in your car. But we need your help to tell the story, too: shine your lights when the heavenly host appears! Honk your horns when the choirs of angels break into song! Share Holy Communion with the people of God! Open your moonroofs and illumine the night with candles or other lights as we sing “Silent Night.” Wrap this holy night in prayers of joy, concern, and thanksgiving.

We ask (but don’t require) that you sign up for this service ahead of time so that we can be prepared to greet you! An online sign-up list for this service can be accessed HERE.

7:30pm Digital Service

The 7:30 digital worship will premiere online on our Facebook page! Gather there with our community, or tune in when you can through Facebook or our Youtube channel, where the video will be available after the premiere. Westborough TV will broadcast this service as well: watch it on 12/24 on Verizon 26 and Charter 194 at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm, or at 9am on 12/25.

For this service, we welcome guest musicians as we tell again the story of Christ’s birth among us through Word and witness, carols and candlelight. We invite you to light candles in your own home too, and dim the lights, and worship with us, welcoming the holy presence of God into your home as we do into our sanctuary…as we all welcome Christ into our whole wide WORLD on this most holy night.

Christmas Day Children's Message

Available starting at 7am (we know your littles like to start Christmas Day early!), please hop onto our Facebook page or YouTube channel to find a special Christmas message from the church staff to the kids of Good Shepherd, aged 1-92.

Pastor Jeff has prepared a special retelling of the Christmas story…but he keeps getting interrupted by wandering kings who are looking for Jesus! Will they ever find him? Will Jesus like the presents they bring?! Will Pastor Jeff ever get to finish his story?!? Join us on Christmas morning to find out…and hail to the newborn king!