Storytelling Church is Good Shepherd’s new monthly church service that weaves stories from scripture together with stories of our everyday lives to reveal and explore the ways that God is still speaking.

This informal service doesn’t have a typical sermon; instead, invited storytellers from inside and outside our church community tell stories related to each month’s theme. In their tellings, we hear our own stories reflected, and we see the Spirit’s movement.

We began STC last September, and are still working on finding a regular time to offer it. Check this space or our Facebook page to find our next STC service.

February: “Extra”

Come and get your extra out before Ash Wednesday and Lent! Come, hear, and tell stories about superfluity: about the beloved friend who always brought the drama; or that trip to New Orleans that you can recall only in flashes; or the time you won the Most Dapper Dame Award at the Tweed Ride. You know: the stories of the time when life was too much, or you were too much, or God was too much, and it was all a little bit…extra. This gathering includes a Pancake Dinner in anticipation of Mardi
Gras. Come, hear, and tell the stories that save us.
6pm on Sunday, February 23rd

March: “Kindness”

As Kindness Week kicks off around Westborough, come, hear and tell stories about compassion: the friend who said exactly the right thing at the right time; the kid who split their lunch money when you forgot yours; the moment that made the difference between despair and hope. Come, hear, and tell the stories that save us.
6pm on Sunday, March 29th.