OREMUS or Praying Together:

God always hears our prayers, but when we pray together, using the same prayers, we become even more thoroughly the body of Christ. Each week a member of our staff writes, or finds, a prayer or two which is published in the Weekly News.  Prayers for our community locally and globally.  Prayers about the happenings in our congregation and in the world.

Prayer Circle

Our congregation prays for for the health and well being of its members and those family and friends of our members who are in need of prayer for various reasons: health, education, travel, mission work, et.al.  Prayer requests are made through a confidential email that is shepherded by our Pastoral Care Committee: [email protected]

Prayer Shawls

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church prayer shawl ministry was created for members as well as non-members who are in need of comfort after a loss, undergoing a medical procedure or during an illness and recovery. The prayer shawl wraps them in God’s loving care and is accompanied by a prayer card from the members of the congregation. The purpose of the ministry has been extended to include happy occasions as well.   Since 2012, fleece pillows have created in the colors of the college our high-schoolers planned to attend after graduation, to send them off with the prayers and good wishes of their fellow-parishioners.  Also at baptisms, the parents now receive a baby blanket knit or crochet by members of our group in celebration of this memorable and joyful occasion.  Depending on their age, older children being baptized may receive handmade stuffed animals or cozy fleece pillows.

When a sufficient number of new shawls are available, they are blessed on a Sunday at all three services, to be handed out with a prayer card from Good Shepherd. Pastors or the parish nurse may take a shawl along on their visits. Blessed prayer shawls are also available on request from a parishioner for ailing friends or relatives.

The prayer shawl group currently numbers between 6 and 8 members who contribute depending on their time. We meet by-monthly on the third Thursday of the month, to discuss new projects and needs and enjoy the fellowship.

Meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Thursday of every other month at 7:15 in the K.O. Bean Library. Anyone can join and will be warmly welcomed.  Help and patterns are always available. If you have any questions or would like to be a part of our group, please contact Greta Magenis.