Music Ministry Notes

Join a choir for this month!  We are planning special music for Reformation, Pastor Baines’ last Sunday with us, and all the choirs, from youngest Grace Notes singers to the ServantSong folks, are invited to sing with us.  Here is a rehearsal schedule for the choirs:

  • Grace Notes (Pre-K-grade 1):
    10:05-10:35 Sun. in the Sunday School opening area
  • Joyful Noise (grade 1-5):
    10:05-10:35 Sun.  in the music room
  • Allegro Chimes (grade 4-HS):
    10:05-10:35 Sun. in the downstairs fellowship hall
  • Midweek Singers (grade 4-HS):
    6:00-6:30 Wednesdays, in the music room
  • Chancel Choir (Confirmation-adult):
    10:35-11:45 Sun.  in the music room
  • ServantSong
    Come to Chancel choir rehearsal, or let me know if you’d like a weekday morning rehearsal.  We can do that!

We have had a wonderful response to the Choir Kick-off in September, and are very excited about the numbers of children who are registered to sing.  It is never too late to join a choir, so if your child shows interest after seeing other children sing, please just approach one of the directors.

If you see Abbey Kelley Lanser, ask her about her Pipe Organ Encounter!  She attended the weeklong event this summer, and will be studying organ with me this year.  She will play in church from time to time, and we will be blessed by her musicianship and skills.

On another note, not so musical, but related to worship:

“Everyone, Everyone, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!” What a wonderful mantra Pastor Baines has given us! We will hear her voice with those words long after she has retired. Here at Good Shepherd, we have a Welcome Statement document that reinforces our spoken welcome, and many new members have told us they indeed felt so very welcome when they came here that they decided to join the church. I think we may take for granted that every newcomer feels that warmth.

However, on a recent Sunday, at the 9:00 service, we missed our chance to reach out. An elderly woman, whom I have known for a while, came alone to our church for the first time.  She looked for a place to sit, and when she started to sit down, was told that the seats were being saved for friends.   She found another place to sit.  She told me a couple of days later that everyone was good at sharing the peace, but not one person spoke to her other than that. She waved at me as I played the postlude, but then I didn’t see her, thought she had left, and I ran off to help with the children’s choirs.  Even I did not speak to her. She left feeling ignored, and definitely not welcome.

On the same day, at the same service, another older woman came to church for the first time, and on the way out told the pastors that she thought it was a wonderful service and she was so glad to be here.  She had obviously felt the warmth that we think we share with everyone.   We need that warmth to be consistent!

Jesus says, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”  Please, if a stranger wants to sit near you, welcome him or her in, and when your friends come, introduce them to the newcomer.   And after church, look for a person you do not know, and greet him or her before you get into a conversation with the folks you do know.  If someone asks if there is a coffee hour, take him or her to the fellowship hall, and if you don’t have time to stay, introduce him or her to someone who is near the coffee pot. We want to be sure Everyone, Everyone, EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We have been so very blessed by Pastor Baines ministry with us.  We need to, with God’s help, carry her welcome forward!

In Christ, Bess Sproul