Summer schedule has begun!  Worship with us at 8:30 for a traditional Eucharist service, or at 10:15 if you love our contemporary communion service and enjoy a later start to your day. Remember: Everyone, everyone, EVERYONE is welcome. (Thank you, Pastor Baines! I do believe this phrase will be important to us long after you have retired. )

Our Chancel Choir sang for the last time this season on Trinity Sunday, May 22, and will be on vacation this summer.  I can’t express how much I appreciate their talent and dedication.   Please, if you see Anjali Arigela, Linda Frederico, Dana Gillin (who joined the choir the day she became a member of Good Shepherd!) Heather Kelley, Sue Johnson, Julie or Garrick Grant, Martha Nielsen, Sarah McRae, Marilyn Reiman, Dave Hoyt, Steve Lanser, or Bruce Roseen, give them a hand shake or a high five, and thank them!

Coming Up!

June 5:  The third Sunday after Pentecost is technically in Ordinary Time, but this Sunday the 8:30 service will be Bell Sunday, so it will be far from ordinary.  The Gospel Ringers will play the prelude, anthem, communion music and postlude, as well as accompany a couple of hymns.

Like the Chancel Choir, they are dedicated and all of us are growing in musicianship as we meet the challenge of make music truly as a team.  Our Ringers this year have been: Pat Fontes, Linda Frederico, Suzanne Gillam, Sue Johnson,  Greta Magenis, Christine Matney, Beverly Moehling, Martha Nielsen, Kristen Pappacena, Marilyn Reiman, Ned Rich, and Paula Sulmasy.   We are blessed to have excellent substitute ringers: Marie Foster, Bruce Grams, Garrick Grant, Kathy Grim, Sarah McRae, Karen Morrissey, and Deanna Savage, and we thank them for being our life savers when someone needs to be away.

June 12: Sound the trumpets!   Marilyn Reiman and Phil Leavitt, who plays with the Brass Canticle for Christmas and Easter, will play a beautiful Bach prelude that day, and other special music as well.  We look forward to that!

For the Summer Sundays, we love to have special music for the Prelude, Offertory and/or  Postlude at the traditional services.   Please let me know if you would like to play or sing!  I have many arrangements for instruments and organ or piano, and I would be glad to accompany, or lend the music if you have an accompanist.

Contemporary Service musicians will continue to rehearse on Wednesdays at 7:30.  They definitely deserve a vacation, too, so if you would like to sing or play (especially guitar!)  with them, please be in touch with Randy Gomez. He will love to have new singers and instrumentalists.

Concert, anyone?  A few years ago several of us spent a wonderful summer evening on the Esplanade in Boston, listening to the Landmarks Orchestra, in which Abby Cross plays viola.

Here’s a link to check, if you’d like to do that this summer, and we’ll look at the schedule to find a date.   Meanwhile in and around ball games and end of school activities, I hope you can enjoy the beautiful spring that seems to have finally arrived.

In Christ,

Bess Sproul