March 5th

Day 17

3rd Monday of Lent

How and why are you helping Good Shepherd pass along the faith to others?

Four years ago we became foster parents to a 14-year-old boy named Quentin who has had a traumatic past.

When Quentin came to live with us, we asked him to attend church.  He told us he didn’t believe in God and was not interested in going to church.  He explained when he was younger he prayed nightly to be reunited with his biological family.  He said God never answered his prayers so not only did he stop praying but he no longer believed there was a God.

We explained God listens to each of us and does answer our prayers but sometimes not in the way we want him to. We stated perhaps god answered his prayer by bringing him to live with us.

The second summer Quentin was with us we asked him to attend Camp Calumet.  He begrudgingly agreed to go as a resident camper for 2 weeks.

After Quentin returned from camp we noticed a change in him.  He was more open and even started asking questions about various stories in the bible.  He told us he really enjoyed talking about the Bible with his fellow campers and liked hearing how God was interacting in other people’s lives.

When Quentin moved from our home, one of the things he asked to take with him was the bible that was in his room.

Our biggest hope for Quentin is that he will continue to realize God is ever present and that no matter what transpires in his life God will be with him.  Hopefully, we have passed some of our faith onto Quentin.

Loving God, help me to grow deeper in my faith and to express that faith in many different ways.  Amen

Paul Bigwood

Hand wash your dishes today. Donate the money you save – electricity and water – to your ELCA World Hunger bank.