March 20th                                              

Day 30                            

5th Tuesday of Lent

What is your favorite event or story of your time at Good Shepherd?

I have many favorite events or stories from our time at Good Shepherd so it was difficult for me to narrow these down. I was able to get my choices to two and from there I was unable to decide so I will speak of both. My two absolute favorite events at Good Shepherd are Vacation Bible School and the Children’s Service on Christmas Eve.

Vacation Bible School is a special time for my family every year. We have gone from having the baby of our family have to watch his big sisters go every year to the exciting year when all three were enrolled to watching my kids go from campers to CITs to teenage counselors. As a parent that is an amazing progression to watch and we love being involved every year. As a teacher I absolutely love manning the Imagination Station and thoroughly enjoy my time with the K-4 students. I love collaborating with people from other churches that I really only get to see once a year. I love the little voices raised in song and the line of caregivers walking out the door after our closing holding little hands and hearing the stories of Jesus being retold from the mouths of babes.

I also love the Children’s Service on Christmas Eve and I can imagine that even after my children are grown that we will be attending this service. Again I have attended this service with small children pulling against taffeta and struggling in “fancy clothes”. There are times when sitting in church with small children feels very much like wrestling and I remember those times well. Again, as my children have aged I have enjoyed watching the children around me and together my family looks forward to seeing who the baby Jesus will be and could that baby possibly be any cuter than the one last year.

We love to watch the little ones who just ‘cannot even’ for one more second and we truly loved this year when Pastor Jeff took a brave plunge (and a possible visit from our local fire department) and we sang our last song while holding candles. It was beautiful and a memory that we will cherish forever and the little man in front of us was so careful not to light his sister on fire under the watchful and fretful eye of his mother that we all gave him high fives after the service. That kind of fellowship cannot be manufactured, but is created organically and I am so thankful to Good Shepherd for helping to create these experiences.

Lord God, your ways are mysterious at times and our faith needs to be strong to see your work. Thank you for giving me and my family a place where your ways are clear and your grace is flowing freely to your children. Amen.

Holly Oelkers

Prepare a cold meal and serve it by candle light. Put a coin in your bank for every candle you use to save electricity.