March 2nd

Day 15

3rd Friday of Lent

How and why are you helping Good Shepherd pass along the faith to others?

When I think about the phrase “pass along” I realize that for one to pass something along, one must already have acquired it from somewhere or someone else.  Thinking about when I acquired my faith in God goes back quite a few years.  I remember going to hear Billy Graham speak in New York City with my high school youth group.  At the time I would have said that I was a Christian, mostly because of what I had been taught in Sunday School and from my parents.  That night, though, I could feel the Holy Spirit at work within me to make me understand just what it meant to accept the Lord as my Savior. It’s easy to feel that spirit amid other Christians, but passing that faith along to others daily is an entirely different challenge. 

As a retired teacher, teaching children both in church and as my daily job has been my life.  So, the “how” am I helping Good Shepherd pass along the faith to others would be as a Sunday School teacher.  In addition, though, my husband and I give financial support to the church for its ministries to pass along the faith in other ways and in other places.  Also, we pass along our experiences at Good Shepherd to others, encouraging them to join us in worship here.

The “why” am I helping Good Shepherd pass along the faith is easier to explain. God wants us to share His word and minister to others without exception.  This is our challenge, not only during Lent but during every season.  We must be mindful each day of opportunities to witness and pass along the faith.

One of my favorite songs, “Pass It On” by Kurt Kaiser explains the concept of “passing along the faith” perfectly.  The lyrics of the first verse:

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going;
And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.
That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it.
You spread His love to everyone; you want to pass it on.”

And the song’s ending: 

 “I’ll shout it from the mountaintops; I want my world to know
The Lord of love has come to me; I want to pass it on!”

Gracious Father, You are the source of all that is good.  We are thankful for the gift of your Holy Spirit.  Make us aware each day of the spirit within us showing us opportunities to pass along our faith and your word to others.  In Jesus’ name we pray these things.  Amen.

Gerry Hava

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