March 19th                                               

Day 29                             

5th Monday of Lent

What is your favorite event or story of your time at Good Shepherd?

I chose to write about a favorite event from my years at Good Shepherd. The Lenten soup suppers my children and I attended when they were involved in Wednesday Midweek and Confirmation classes came to mind.  I remember this as a special time we spent together.  It was a simple meal of assorted homemade soups and yet, it was much more. On cold February and March Wednesday’s hot soup and bread was not only a welcome meal but a comfort. Even with advance planning it was hard to predict the soup to person ratio but I do not remember a time when there was not enough to go around. What made this time special was the feeling of intimacy and the opportunity for conversation and fellowship with old and new friends of all ages.  On many occasions the meal ended with hands joined in prayer.

Dear God, Thank you for the many ways you nourish us. Amen.

Jocelyn Ehrhardt

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