March 16th                                               

Day 27                                

5th Friday in Lent

What is your favorite event or story of your time at Good Shepherd?

The card I chose for this year’s devotion was to describe a favorite event or story from my time at Good Shepherd. While there are many great and memorable events here, I cannot pick a favorite. 

I see God at work every time I walk into the building.  The support of the staff on a daily basis.  The wonderful outreach of the congregation especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The entire Calumet experience.  First Communion and Confirmation Sundays.  Christmas.  Wednesday nights.  Baptisms.  Music at Good Shepherd, especially children and guests with their musical offerings.  Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. Meeting new members and welcoming them to our Good Shepherd family at our Good Shepherd home.  The quality of the preaching every Sunday.  The prayer circle.  Educational opportunities for all ages. Outreach to the community.  Social interactions and the gatherings in the fellowship hall.

All these, and more, are what makes Good Shepherd the blessed place that we share.  These events and stories are proof that we are… Growing, Nurturing, Making Disciples in Christ. 

That’s my favorite story.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the blessing that is Good Shepherd.  Help us to do your work at all times and in everything we do.  Make Good Shepherd the place for love, acceptance and compassion. Amen.

Bob Frederico

Put a coin in your bank today for each time you refill your water bottle rather than opening a new one.