March 15th                                               

Day 26                          

5th Thursday in Lent

What is your favorite event or story of your time at Good Shepherd?

I love Cathedral in the Night.  I love that the service is outside.  I love that the meal we share is outside.   I love that everyone is met where they are – physically, emotionally and financially. 

I first went about four months after joining Good Shepherd.  I had the pleasure of driving out to Northampton with another family.  Bob had made his famous chili; I had heard about his chili but never tasted it.  There were many other adults and TAGS members there as well.  All introducing themselves as we worked to unload the chili, sandwiches, and drinks we had brought with us. 

It was a very cold January night!  I love winter but I want to reiterate, it was cold!

The service was lovely.  I especially liked how it was truly participant-focused some folks gathered close and some stayed much further away, on the outskirts of the circle.  It was very similar to how we come together on Sunday.  Some like to be up front while others prefer to be in the back.  I wondered if folks often stood in their “usual spot” like we sit in our “usual spot”. 

One more time, it was very cold that night. I was standing on the sidewalk and a gentleman came up to me and suggested I stand on the snow bank.  I looked at him quizzically thinking, “why?”  He immediately responded, “Your feet will stay warmer.  I know.”  He did know. He was right.

As we were having our supper he asked if I had made the chili.  I said, “No. Bob did.”  He then asked if Bob was there, at the meal.  I responded, “No. He was unable to come.”  The gentleman had one more question, was I married to Bob?  Shaking my head and smiling I said, “No.”  He looked at me and said, “You should really think about marrying Bob!”

That evening I felt incredibly welcomed.  The Wigs had taken me under their wing and graciously offered to drive me out to Northampton.  The man experiencing homelessness showed concern for me; I know I looked cold, and more importantly he and I shared a delicious meal and a good laugh. 

It was cold that night, but the community of Good Shepherd and Cathedral in the Night left me feeling very warm inside.

Dear Lord, may we find in each encounter a sense of belonging and community whether it is through a gesture, a meal, or a good laugh.  May we always see the similarities that bind us as your children. Amen.


Put a coin in your bank today for every time you spent less on something you normally buy.