March 14th                                               

Day 25                       

5th Wednesday in Lent

What is your favorite event or story of your time at Good Shepherd?

My time here at Good Shepherd has been filled with nothing but positive memories, so it’s difficult to pick just one! If I had to pick, I would say my favorite event here at Good Shepherd is our time up at Calumet. I’ve been to Calumet many times over the years for a few different retreats, and every year I look forward to it. During my time at Good Shepherd I’ve become close friends with many kids from different churches that all go to different schools, so part of the reason I love Calumet is that it gives us all a chance to come together again for a weekend.

One of my favorite memories involves a certain friend who does not exactly enjoy the outdoors – he mostly comes to Calumet to spend time with all of our friends. One afternoon, a bunch of us decided that we wanted to go canoeing on the lake. We put on our swimsuits, because somebody was bound to get splashed or tip over, and we headed down to the lake. After we were all already in our canoes with life jackets, we realized that our not-so-outdoorsy friend was wearing a plaid, button down, long sleeved shirt to go canoeing! We were in separate canoes, but we all decided he would have to pay for his mistake. After paddling around for a while, we made our move. We slowly began to row over to their canoe, then picked up a little speed. Not too fast, but it was enough so that when we bumped into the side of their canoe they all tipped over into the lake. Eventually, we all ended up in the water laughing. He forgave us quickly, but he’s never let us forget – and now he wear more appropriate shirts to go canoeing!

Although this was only one Calumet memory, there are countless more – tie dying in the pouring rain, capture the flag, snowball fights, sledding, and the list goes on and on. And although being outside in nature and what God created is wonderful, it’s all the people we go with that make it truly special.

Dear Lord, We thank you for giving us opportunities to come together, make new friends, and forge new relationships. We thank you for creating an atmosphere of love and support, for introducing us to people we may never have met otherwise, and for the world you have created around us. We pray you help us continue to meet to new people and help us take care of the Earth for generations to come to enjoy. Amen

Calleigh Herren

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