March 12th 

Day 23

4th Monday in Lent

Why do you stay and continue to participate in good Shepherd?

Good Shepherd helps keep me centered.  It is easy to let myself worry about . . . well, everything.  My church home helps me keep in mind that I have a responsibility to the rest of God’s children around the world and to his creation.  But it also helps me know that all of it is really in God’s hands.  So, I guess that is really saying that Good Shepherd challenges me to see beyond my own circumstances and (usually) keeps me from becoming totally broken-hearted at what I see.  I have hope in what we do individually and together.  The members of our congregation are an inspiration to me when they give generously to almost every need that arises – from natural disasters to human-instigated tragedies.  I am touched by the deeply, thoughtful statements of faith that our youth prepare for confirmation.  It makes me smile to attend the early service and witness the care that our older congregants show each other.  It is especially beautiful to be a part of the sharing of the peace in that service.  I did not grow up as a Lutheran.  My early experience with religion was that my childhood church preached that we were the ones who were right with God.  My friend’s churches of other denominations said the same – but they were convinced that they were the true believers.  I am grateful that at Good Shepherd, we strengthen our faith in part by learning about others. 

May God continue to guide our path, both in this place as we worship together and as members of this community sent out to affect our world.  Grant us strength to work for good and grant us peace to know it is not all up to us. Amen.

Kathy Grim

Put a coin in your bank for every time you volunteered to help someone today.