March 1st                                                  Day 14                           3rd Thursday in Lent

How and why are you helping Good Shepherd
 pass along the faith to others?

Our two girls were baptized as Lutherans (Celeste’s upbringing) vs United Church of Christ (my upbringing) because her parent’s church was a four hour drive and my parents was an eight hour drive. Like many of our generation, we had not been reliably attending church, typically only when we were visiting our parents, so we did not a have local church we were associated with.

After we had moved to Westborough (in 1990) and settled in (the girls were 2 and 4) we decided that we needed to find a church to be part of so that they could be part of one. We chose Good Shepherd based on the very welcoming experience we had here.

Step One in passing along the faith to someone: bring them to church!

Once here, we found ourselves quickly getting involved in areas that fit our skills: Celeste with the Sunday School, first as a teacher and then as co-superintendent and then superintendent of the Sunday School, myself with the Property committee, the Church Council, Stewardship and now Christian Education.

Step Two in passing along the faith: support the church in whatever way is possible for you.

We alone did not pass along the faith to our daughters, the whole church community gave us tremendous help in doing so. We alone did not keep the church on a good financial footing with a well-maintained property, we just tried to do what we could.

Now that our girls are out on their own, we can look back and appreciate what this faith community has done for our family. We feel an obligation to help Good Shepherd do for others what it did for our family, by contributing our time, talents and treasure to it.  We are in no way unique in doing this, many others here do the same thing, making this a wonderful place to be a part of.

Step Three in passing on the faith: Live the faith you are trying to pass along.

Lord, in many ways your Son urged us to spread his words to all. Please inspire us to take this message to heart and work in whatever ways we can to both develop our own faith and pass it along to ours.

Ned Rich

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