February 24th

Day 10

2nd Saturday in Lent

How does Good Shepherd help you serve others?

Good Shepherd provides countless opportunities each month for us to easily find ways to serve others. Serving others could come through more coordinated programs like packaging meals, donating blood, serving meals at sister churches, raising money for different disasters and social needs, or making and distributing blessing bags for those in need. Sometimes it can be as simple as spending time with or making a meal for another family or bringing food to share. The organization and invitation to participate is always present and so appreciated. The frequency and diversity of ways that we are able to share make it easy to serve others in a meaningful way.

As we continue our journey to Easter, let us move forward in peace, in hope, and in service to you, O Lord and in service to our brothers and sisters around us who are in need. May your love and strength guide us as we try to follow your example every day of our lives. Amen.

Kim Brennan

Put a coin in your bank for each item you can fix rather than throw away.