February 28th

Day 13

3rd Wednesday in Lent

How and why are you helping Good Shepherd pass along the faith to others?

I would hope by, with the grace of God, being a happy, helpful, kind individual, who would always be ready to jump into the role of the “good Samaritan”, and thus would be passing along my faith to those I meet.  Keeping my heart and mind open to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Opening my eyes and ears to see the ones He sends across my path.  The ones He draws to Himself, to touch, to love, to heal, to bless, as a Mother hen gathers her chicks to her breasts.

Good Shepherd by faith has provided us with the “blessing bags”, and our church teaches us in Isaiah 61, that the “Lord has anointed us to proclaim good news to the poor.  That bag for that day, to the one who received it, is “good news” from the Lord.

Good Shepherd by faith has made it possible for us to pass along to others, God’s ability to provide meals to families who lack nutrition.  Mothers and fathers are able to “put on a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair, as they receive meals for their hungry children.

The second part of the question why?  We help Good Shepherd pass along the faith because Christ in Matthew 4:18 told His disciples He would make them “fishers of men”.  It is His plan to bring all his children unto himself.  We pass it along because the “love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts”.  Good Shepherd teaches us to live Godly lives, that faith is our rock during the storm, faith tucks us under his wings, faith walks with us through the shadows of doubt and valleys of fear and depression.  Faith shares our mountaintop experiences, has joy in our success, victories and just the fun of life.  Faith must be passed along to everyone in our circle,  Faith tells all people, you are not alone, you have a cheerleader, you have a friend that sticks “closer than a brother”, and He is with you even until the end of the world.  People will say they do not need or want faith, but they do, because why else would God send us out with his light?  Not with a list of do’s and don’ts, but with a gift, from him of faith and love.

Dear Father in heaven, we love you and worship you.  We thank you that you call us your children.  Help us to let your light shine through us to others who also need your amazing love and care.  Amen

Karen Koengeter

Put a coin in your bank for every time you make an angry or sad person smile today.