February 27th 

Day 12

2nd Tuesday in Lent

How does Good Shepherd help you serve others?

My first response to this question is perhaps too literal.  In 1993, Pastor Bean asked me (a psychologist and new member) to be Good Shepherd’s representative on the Board of Directors at the Assabet Valley Pastoral Counseling Center.  I said yes.  About 20 years ago, after we added a third service, the pastors stopped teaching Adult Forum.  After that, three congregation members, Ernie, Jochen, and I began organizing and teaching Adult Forum. 

However, my second, and a perhaps more thoughtful response is how Good Shepherd, in fact, many churches, prepare us to serve others.  That is, we are spiritually fed, recharged, or refocused on the Good News – Jesus Christ saves us from our sins.  Because of God’s grace; we don’t have to work or worry to earn God’s love.  Instead, interestingly, we serve others as a response to what we have been given, not to earn a reward.  Serving is not always easy or glamorous.  At times I feel like it has little or no impact.  Sometimes, it is just showing up, preparing a lesson, attending a meeting, doing a fundraiser, or learning by doing even if I am not in the mood.  However, the liturgy, including readings from the Old and New Testaments, the sermon, prayers, and singing, all remind me how important the Good News is.    Worshiping with others helps strengthen and guide me in my various vocations: as a worker or volunteer, a family member, a friend, and a neighbor.  Through praying, sharing, spending time together, and helping each other out, I have served and been served by other members.  I have grown over the years in my faith journey.

Dear Lord, thank you for your grace and my salvation.  Help guide and support me to use the gifts that you have given me to serve others in all aspects of my life. Amen.

Mark Booher

Put a coin in your bank for each time you eat a smaller portion of food today.