February 26th

Day 11

2nd Monday in Lent

How does Good Shepherd help you serve others?

The first time I ever did any sort of community service was when I was in fifth grade, and it was through the church. That didn’t really come as a surprise to me because the church was always a place where community service had been stressed as important, but I was surprised by how I excited I was for it. I was volunteering to help with Special Olympics, and there was a definite feeling of excitement in every single volunteer as we left the church. I couldn’t wait to get there and help people. But when I got there and I saw the people there, for whom this wasn’t just a fun day trip or a chance to do some good, but instead a huge, important, and inspirational part of their life, I was terrified. I was worried that I would mess everything up, ruin their time which was obviously much more special to them than I had expected. In the end, I realized that I should never have been worried. Just being there, happy and excited, was enough.

I kept going back for years after that and volunteering for Special Olympics through school, and more. I think maybe it would have happened anyway, to some degree, but I would never have started volunteering so fully and so early in my life if I hadn’t been given the opportunity by Good Shepherd. It wasn’t just the opportunity either; when I volunteered in other places, like school, I didn’t feel the same sense of excitement about what we were doing. Good Shepherd gave me not only the opportunity to serve but also the motivation. I hope that that never changes and stays with me for my whole life.

Heavenly father, your loving grace is the only thing we need to live and walk in your ways. Remind us that our faith in you gives us strength and purpose to be a light to others in the world. Amen.

Jo Casey

Put a coin in your bank for each glass of water you drink today instead of a soft drink.