February 20th

Day 6

1st Tuesday of Lent

How / Why did you decide to participate at Good Shepherd?

Since the day I was born in Kent England until I attended Boston University, my family lived in many countries because of my father’s job. We sporadically attended churches of various denominations, but we never lived in one place long enough to establish an attachment to one church. Fast forward 16 years and I am now married with 3 children. We had settled in Westborough and now I wanted to find a church where we could establish a connection. Initially, I attended a small church in Hopkinton. After a year, I realized that the number of young families was dwindling; it was time to seek out a new church. Fortunately, my friend, Paula Mathieu, highly recommended her church, GSLC. So, in August 1989, I attended my first service here. By September, my 4 and & 7-year-old children were registered in Sunday school and I was meeting many other young families. All 3 of my children were confirmed here and I felt such great joy when my granddaughter, Macie, received the rights of holy baptism in November of 2016. So, after spending 28 ½ years here, it is safe to say that I have found my church!

Heavenly Father, thank you for guiding me to ‘my church’ where I have been fortunate enough to grow and nourish my faith I pray that you continue to guide my life on a daily basis. Amen

Stephanie Leclair

Pray for those without food today. Put coins in your bank to support ELCA’s World Hunger 40 Days of Giving.