February 17th

Day 4

1st Saturday of Lent

How / Why did you decide to participate at Good Shepherd?

I have found people respond awkwardly at times when I say I have a mental health condition. However, this aspect of myself was welcomed when we started attending Good Shepherd Lutheran. I found I could be honest with Pastors Baines and Goodrich. During my last, and hopefully final, hospitalization in November 2015, Pastor Jeff visited me and checked in with my husband without a request. The Church has been open to my preaching about my experience with PTSD and my providing Mental Health First Aid training to the congregation. And I have been supported when others in my life have treated me unfairly and even harshly due to my status. The pastoral response we have received, as well as just everyday support, is excellent.

Dear God, your Son exhibited inclusion and unconditional love for those with health conditions.  Healing was central to his ministry among us. May those with mental health conditions experience His love and healing, and may each of us take a step every day to address stigma as a way to continue Jesus’ work in the world. Through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit-Amen.

Jenn Morazes

Put a coin in your bank, if your glass is half empty or smile at someone if it’s half full. It can make someone’s day.