February 14th

Day 1

Ash Wednesday

How / Why did you decide to participate at Good Shepherd?

Hebrews 10:24-25 – 24 And let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds, 25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

This year’s Midweek School Class has 11 very faithful students.  When asked when they first started coming to GSLC, the answers fell into 4 groups:

When I was born:         Caitlin, Mia

When I was baptized:   Griffin, Isie, Dylan, Camille

When I moved here:    Dana (1 year), Vontavian (2 years), Tyler (9 years)

When we wanted
a new church:               Amanda (1 year), Sarah (2 ½ years)

Their answers to why they started coming to GSLC were quite varied:

Amanda:                       We needed to find a new church.

Camille:                         We wanted to go to a Lutheran Church close to Hopkinton.

Caitlin:                           I had been coming since I was baptized.

Dana:                            We moved here from Nevada and this was one of the best churches we could find near us.

Dylan & Isie:                 Because my parents do.

Mia:                               My Mom and Dad went here.

Griffin:                          Because my Mom is a Christian.

Sarah:                            My family was looking for a better church and the Bianchi’s introduced us; and then we became members.

Tyler:                             My parents just brought me.

Vontavian:                    To worship God and to try it out.

Next, we asked them to list everything they participate in at GSLC:

13      Music in church

                   8  Chimes

                   4  Midweek Singers

  • Instrumentalist

11      Midweek School

11      Sunday School

10      Attend church

 9       Christmas Pageant

9        Trips to camp 

7        Serve in worship

                   6 Acolytes

                   1 Crucifer

 7       Super Wednesdays

 6       Talent Show and Auction

 2       Christmas School


The last question we asked was – What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming to GSLC?

Amanda: “Good Shepherd has a lot of activities to do and they have good church camps and good kid’s activities.”

Camille: “You should come to Good Shepherd because we have musical groups & activities, not just church! We also have Super Wednesdays which is like CCD but at Good Shepherd.”

Caitlin: “It’s a great place to go and you should go.”

Dana: “It’s a fun place to be and there are a lot of kids our age. Give it a try.”

Dylan: “You should come.”

Griffin: “It’s a great place and I’ve had fun.”

Isie: “You should come because we have a welcoming environment.”

Mia: “It’s a fun and cheerful place to be because all through church everyone’s kind and respectful to each other.”

Sarah: “It is very welcoming and it has a lot of fun events.  It includes children of all ages.  Also, it has a fun camp that children go to (C-A-L-U-M-E-T)”

Tyler: “It is a good church to go to.”

Vontavian: “You will love it.  It’s the best.”

God bless our Middle Schoolers!  They get it and they’re a joy to teach.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for Good Shepherd where we come to learn more about you.  We understand that what we have comes from your presence in our lives and in our community of faith.  Help us to become active participants in the mission of our church and to be welcoming to all who join us.  Amen.

Midweek School 5th and 6th graders 2017-18

Put a prayer list on your refrigerator and pray for the people listed each day in Lent. Put a coin in your bank, for each person.