Christmas Pageant Registration

We've decided on a pageant - MAGI MISSION: Joy to the World. Now it's time to adapt it to include everyone who wants to take part. Please take a moment and fill out this form if your child is interested in being in the Christmas Pageant. Forms should be completed no later than November 12th to ensure our ability to put together a pageant and have everyone involved who wishes to be. Any questions, please contact Mrs. Gillam at [email protected]
  • Please enter child's full name.
  • Does your child have a nick name? Please enter it here.
  • Please enter your child's Date of birth
  • Grade at start of September.
  • I give permission to GSLC to photograph and/or videotape my my chiold while engaged in church related activities. I understand pictures may be used on bulletin boards, in newsletters, online and/or for publicity projects. Names will be withheld.