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These are descriptions of the new and updated music opportunities for children and youth at Good Shepherd.

Please review these before filling out the registration.

Sunday School Singers learn songs that share God’s love, lead us to prayer, and reinforce Bible stories as a part of the Sunday School openings.  All Sunday School children Pre-K-Grade 3 are part of this group. Jen Lentz will lead the openings at 9:00 and 10:45.

Grace Notes:  This choir this year for Pre-School – 1st grade children.  They will sing, play small percussion instruments, play musical games, and experience music through fine and gross motor movement.  They will meet from 10:05-10:35 on Sunday mornings in Classroom 10 (across from the music room). Julie Hamilton Grant and Abbey Kelley-Lanser will lead this group.

Joyful Noise:  Our 2nd -5th  graders will be learning about worship, including hymns and liturgy, as well as anthems.  We will have a new set of instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels) to accompany our songs.  Julie Schwingbeck and Jen Lentz will lead this group.  Karen Morrissey will accompany them.  They’ll meet in the music room from 10:05-10:35 on Sunday mornings and will sing in church (9:00 and 10:45) once a month.

Midweek Singers:   5th graders and older sing from 6:00-6:30, as part of our Super Wednesday program.  They have fun, learn songs from all over the world, and help teach new hymns to the congregation. They also help lead Wednesday evening worship during Lent.  All singers through High School are welcome in this group! Kirby Stalley is the director.

Allegro Chimes:  This group is all about teamwork.  Bring a friend and make new ones4th graders and older form this group of hand chime ringers.  They rehearse on Sundays from 10:05-10:35 AM in the downstairs fellowship hall.  Jen Fischer leads this group.

Instrumental solos and ensembles:  We often have instrumental music as a part of our worship services, and we welcome young people to play in church.  Please list the instrument(s) your child plays.

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Sunday School, Midweek, and Children & Youth Music Registration

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  • We often have instrumental music as a part of our worship services, and we welcome young people to play in church. Please list the instrument(s) your child plays.
  • Please list, allergies which your child has and if your child carries an EpiPen, inhaler or other medication, for his/her use in case of a reaction. This information will be passed on to your child's Sunday School/MidWeek/Confirmation instructor.
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