March 10th

Day 22    

4th Saturday in Lent

Why do you stay and continue to participate in Good Shepherd?


Good question?  What makes us want to stay anywhere?  We could easily be lazy and stay home in bed.  We could feel guilty and attend just because it is Sunday and we are supposed to go to church.

But the reason I go is because I feel great after being there.  Who would not want to keep going to a place that makes them feel special, wanted, accepted, and loved even.   I love to see my friends there and find out how they are; I find a connection to the Holy Spirit through singing and bells; I love participating in activities like the food packing event and the Vacation Bible School.  Although these activities present a decent amount of work they also give a great deal of satisfaction; a sense of accomplishment; that you have made a difference in someone‚Äôs life that needs help, and that just maybe you are making your corner of the world a little bit better.

When everything seems a bit hectic at times and life is stressful it is the one place that sometimes brings solace.  I know I can reach out to someone and they will listen, or sometimes just being there brings me a sense of peace.

Dear God, thank you. Thank you for bringing me to Good Shepherd, a place which fills my heart and soul brings me a true sense of peace and lets the gifts of creativity which you have given me shine in purpose for your church. Amen.

Peace be with you

Linda Bousquet Frederico

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