March 21st   

3rd Tuesday in Lent

Day 18

I Believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

This is the shortest possible way of describing and illustrating the nature, will, act and work of God the Father.  Because the Ten Commandments have explained that we are to have no more than one God, so it may now be asked, “What kind of person is God? What does he do? How can we praise or portray or describe him in such a way so we may know him?” This is taught here in the following articles.  This the Creed is nothing else than a response and confession of Christians based on the First Commandment. If you were to ask a young child, “My dear, what kind of God do you have? What do you know about him?” he or she could say: “First, my God is the Father, who made heaven and earth. Aside from this one alone I regard nothing as God, for there is now one else who could create heaven and earth.”


In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Genesis 1:1-2


For some people it is easy to accept that GOD is the creator of Heaven & Earth.  I struggled with this one for a while when I was young, and now as I try to explain what I feel who GOD is.

Thousands of years ago people wanted to understand why things happened in the natural world and what was their place in it. They also wanted someone to blame when things went bad; explain why good things happened, or use GOD to validate their actions against another person, race, animals, the earth, etc…

Because it is difficult to understand who GOD is people started creating images of GOD (statues, paintings, etc…) to put a face to the name so to speak.  Since men were dominant in society and older men were considered the wise leaders of tribes it is natural for them to think that GOD was an older and powerful man (then in the 1970’s women became more liberated and suggested that GOD could be an older and wiser women and did not have to be a man). Similarly, Jesus and Mary had a Mediterranean complexion with dark hair and eyes but as Christianity spread to Northern Europe their image was changed to blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.  It made them more relatable to the northern Europeans that monks were trying to convert.  This is understandable since during this time many people did not read or write.  Images and verbal messages were how people learned about many things including GOD and Christ.

But as civilization has progressed in education, science, and understanding of the natural world we struggle again with who is GOD, what does GOD look like, what does GOD do, and how does he fit into the natural world and our lives?  

People still want and often believe in the magic wand God. Like Zeus either exacting punishment or rewarding good.  Martin Luther believed you can’t buy your way out of hell nor can you buy your way into heaven.  Unless change happens from within you cannot be diverted from the path you created to heaven or hell.

I believe that GOD is LOVE.  GOD is not who, a person, or a place.  GOD is the spirit, the light, the teacher, the guide and the path to enlightenment; an understanding of life that is hard for humans to comprehend.  Without GOD is to be without LOVE and light and instead live in fear and darkness.

When you hurt others, the environment, or are disrespectful, self-centered and self-serving, you hurt yourself and damage your relationship with GOD.  How can GOD be close to you when you only seek to serve your own selfish needs, wants, desires, and push your own agenda and beliefs on others?  If you don’t change these thoughts and desires from within then you can’t expect the world you live in to improve and be a peaceful place to live.  How is GOD supposed to dwell within when there is so much negativity taking up the room.  When you open your heart to light & love you allow GOD’s positive energy to flow & dwell within you. This does not require you to be Christian to do so.  Many other religions also talk about love, positive energy and taking care of GOD’s creation.  Places of Worship are a place where you can find a path of enlightenment available to you; an opportunity to strengthen that relationship with GOD and with others.  But some people find they feel closest to GOD when they are outside and commune with nature.   It is important to know that GOD will keep providing opportunities for you to have a relationship with GOD.

For children, to answer the question “What kind of GOD do you have?” Have them pick their happiest image that they can imagine and there is GOD.   To explain who GOD is to a child let them know they are loved, that they are appreciated, and they are beautiful within.  GOD dwells within us and around us.  

Open the eyes of my heart LORD, open the eyes of my heart, I want to see you, I want to see you. Amen.

Linda Frederico

Take time to walk with friends or family today.  Put a coin in your bank, for every God Sighting.