March 6th       

1st Monday in Lent

Day 5

Where there is to be true prayer, there must be utter earnestness.  We must feel our need, the distress that drives and impels us to cry out.  Then prayer will come spontaneously, as it should, and no one will need to be taught how to prepare for it or how to create the proper devotion…  God … wants you to lament and express your needs and concerns, not because he is unaware of them, but in order that you may kindle your heart to stronger and greater desires and open and spread your apron wide to receive many things.


But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you. Matthew 6:6


The members of Krista Oetsen’s Confirmation small group read this Bible verse and quote from Martin Luther about prayer.  They each answered and discussed questions around them such as “How do you think prayer strengthens our relationship with God?” and “What needs or concerns do you share with God in prayer?”  Some also shared stories of specific times when they felt compelled to pray to God.

Tori Fischer:  I think prayer makes you feel as though you are heard and that God understands your wants and needs better.  I pray for God to help with issues in the world, for illnesses to be cured, and for issues my friends or family may face.  When I found out that someone in my family had cancer, I prayed for things to get better.  It helped to know that God was listening.

John Meehan:  Prayer allows us to talk with God, to share our thoughts and ask God for guidance in our everyday lives.  Mostly, I ask God to guide me in life and to help me.  Once when my pet was missing, I prayed to God and we found her in a place she wasn’t supposed to be!  The prayer made me feel better and gave me some hope.

Alan Rea:  Like Martin Luther said, I think prayer makes our heart stronger.  I pray for God to keep people safe who live in places of conflict or violence.  When my dog died, I prayed to God to keep her safe and love her in heaven as much as she was loved on Earth.  It helped me to know that she was in God’s hands.

Megan Tucker:  When praying, you are talking to God, and that leads to a stronger relationship with God.  I pray for concerns about school, family, friends, and the about things in the world too.  Once, I was really hoping for a snow day, I prayed for it, and it happened!  I was glad I didn’t have to get up early for school.

Dear God, help us to share all of our selves with you in prayer.  Open our hearts to your presence and our ears for your voice.  Amen.

Confirmation I

Put a coin in your bank for each blessing you can name.